Gather around, I am going to tell you your age by the number of pets that you have! Hold on, let me straighten my turban!

Grab a calculator and follow the directions below to be completely amazed!


First, begin with the number of pets that you have. Count dogs, cats, goats, the goldfish; everyone!

Now, to make things interesting, multiply the number of your pets by 2.

It's starting to become clearer now....so please add 5 to the total so far.

I need to start transferring my thoughts to you, so multiply your total so far by 50.

Now, here's the tricky part:

If you have already had your birthday this year, add the number 1769 to your total. BUT, if you haven't yet had your birthday, make that number: 1770.

Last step ~ Take the year of your birth, and subtract it from your total.

Look at your answer!

The first part of your answer is the number of pets that you have, and the 2nd part is, that's right...your age!

*Twilight Zone Theme!*

You've just had your amazing moment for the day! Please come again, and send your friends & family over to be amazed, as well! :)

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