The Curiosity Shoppe!


The pages linked from this page will be an unusual jumbling of various forms of art.
A curiosity shop of poetry, tributes, drawings, unusual photographs,
and whatever else comes to my mind.

I chose this background because it reminds me of so many pleasant
things in my life! The stars, the moon hanging high above the tall
Douglas firs, and the sun slowly fading away at the end of a
long, balmy, summer day.

Our ringside seats for the August meteor showers each year.

The Northern lights that were so spectacular
when we came North, the year that we moved here.

And, a magical moment, exactly at midnight, one Christmas Eve when a full,
sharp, and vividly colored rainbow ringed the full moon ~ leaving us in awe.
No washed out colors, no haziness, but a REAL, honest to goodness rainbow.

I hope that you have a pleasant thought, or memory, when looking into the windows of this border too!

Please Enjoy Your Stay at the Curiosity Shoppe!

Enjoy Your Wanderings Through the Curiosity Shop!
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