Birthday Page!

Welcome To The Pet Parlour's Birthday Club!

I wanted to do something special for all of the terrific members of our board, and this is what I came up with, a birthday club! Following will be a list of all of the members of the Pet Parlour's Birthday Club; a place celebrating people's birthday's on their special day, and instructions on how you, too, can join with us!

PlumFairy's Pet Parlour's Birthday Club
~ Members In Good Standing! ~

Allmakes Alyson AngelEm
Carol CooperPenny Gwen
Hakunamatata Hattiemae Koader
Kristine LadyB Laura
Lori Marie Momofmop
Mop NavyNora Naylz
Pup2mom Rottenrot Samantha/SC
Santolina Stormy Tagsalong

To Join

All you need to do to join, is click on the bear, and send me the following information:

1 - Name

2 - Birth month, and date (year is optional!!)

3 - And preferred e-mail address to be contacted at.

It's as easy as that! Thank you for joining! :)

Click on the bear to join, or the candle to return home.

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