The Candle Lighting Page
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To The Dog Board's Candle Lighting Page!


We have been lighting candles for one another for some time now, as needed. Now we have this, our candle lighting page. It is a good place to come and see who is in need of our thoughts, prayers, positive energy and overall well wishes. Whatever we have to give.

And, of course, a candle or two!

These Pack Members & Their Loved Ones Are In Our Thoughts!
Paten; with her myriad of challenges from health, to a wonderful, permanent home for she & the critters.
Alyson's Bryndan ~ may his test results continue to be encouraging!
Angelpup's Viv needs all of the good wishes she can get!
IMOM's Jacki's granddaughter is having tumors removed from her brainstem due to type 2 neurofibromatosis. We wish her, and her family, the best possible outcome now, & in the future!
Mop needs good wishes for several health related problems. We hope that she continues to have control over her blood pressure, and pre-diabetes!
A wonderful lady, Margaret, has a son, Bob, who is battling cancer in a big way, and needs us!
Deegram's daughter ~ Melanie, she & her family need many good thoughts for health, happiness, and memory!
Talktoself's Mike has too high of cholesterol, and blood sugar. We wish him the best in keeping these under control!
Momofmop and Kario's Niece, Katie; we wish her a positive turn around from her problems!
Trish; we hope that she finds permanent good health, and happiness in all things.
Trish's sister Babs, we hope that she continues to recover, and find long term health!
Santolina's baby sister needs protection from a bad husband, and the strength to do the right thing!
Tagsalong's dd, Samantha; we hope that she has no more trouble with her back!
Trish's sister, Diane; is facing a 2nd bout with breast cancer. We hope that she has the good results she did the last time, with as few treatments as possible needed.
Samantha, Gwen's roommate; was dx'd with mystery seizures. We hope that her medications control them completely, soon, so that she can drive again.
Kristine had a tumor removed from her bladder, and we hope for her to be clear of the problem for ever more!


Sets by Cynthia