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These are the directions for joining Pack Chat!

We will be having chats now, and following are the directions for joining us!

I will post whenever there is a scheduled chat.

Special thanks to Allmakes and her husband David for putting these directions together for us; I really appreciate it!

MIRC Instructions ~ First Time Users:

Go to this URL: http://mirc.com/

Once there Download/Install MIRC to your hard drive.

It will take approximately 20 minutes to install, depending on the speed of your computer.

After it is installed, open the program. At this point, you might get a square beige window that shows a picture of a man giving information about MIRC, the introduction, etc. There is a little box in the left-hand corner; you need to click on that box. This will make the introduction page not appear again. Now close that little window.

On the top of the present screen is a button that reads, "Connect to Server Button". Go to the list of Servers and change server to ANY "undernet" server. MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE TO AN "UNDERNET" SERVER AND NOT A RANDOM SERVER or any other server. The server has to say, "undernet". If you can't get on with the one you choose, DON'T PANIC. Just try another "undernet" server. All "undernet" servers are mirrored, which means that they all connect to one another. Your best bet is to try one that is located in a big city closest to your location. HOWEVER, I'm in Texas and sometimes I have to connect to one in Chicago, but the server in Chicago will put me through to the one in Plano, Texas.

Okay, now you have to complete your personal info. Fill out your nickname and email address in the spaces provided. (please use your usual board name so as not to confuse everyone! lol!)

Then go back to, "Connect to Server Button" and click it.

After your have connected to server, a "Channel Folder" window will open.

In the top white box, type in: #PlumsParlour. Make sure you use the # sign before the name, otherwise you will end up in a room all by yourself!! After you have typed this in the box, click on "add". (P.S. add saves that name to your list. If you will notice, it is now highlighted.)

Then click on "join".

At this point, you should be in PlumFairy's chatroom!

Hint: After MIRC is installed, go to your hard drive, click on MIRC file and make a shortcut for it so icon is always on your desktop. You will need never search for it again!


Open Mirc, pick out your "undernet server", click on "Connect to Server". At this point you will get "Channel Folder". Go down list to PlumsParlour, and click on "join".

Easy right?


If you get to PlumsParlour and you know you have done it correctly and you are the only one in the room, ~ well, you ARE the only one in the room and there is no one there to chat with!

If you get to a room and you are by yourself, but you know that others are chatting in PlumsParlour, then you more than likely connected to the wrong server and you created another PlumsParlour. This is where it is important that you connect to an "UNDERNET" server. So you need to go back and reconnect to another server, making sure it is an "undernet".

Another thing, if you are the first one in the room, you automatically get "op status". This enables you to be the Leader which means, you can kick anyone out of the room that you wish too. However, being that Plum is the Leader, I would suggest that she remain Leader.

If you are the first one in room and given "op status", this sign "@" will appear by your name. However, the first person has the most authority in the room. If you right click with your mouse on someone's name, a menu appears and you can chat, send files, etc. also under Control you can give someone else "op status".

Just try it to learn how to use feature. Also, for the first person that has "op status", you can NEVER remove their status, they can remove your status, if they chose to do so.

Also, if you want, you can change of color of your screen and text. But only you can see the change in color. HOWEVER, if you want to type text in a different color periodically, (such as making a strong statement, etc). Hold down the CTRL key and K, a color menu bar appears, change to color that you want, and type. This color, however, will not stay as it only works for the immediate sentence that you are typing.

Well, boys and girls, those are the instructions and hints. Trust me, if you feel confused, don't worry, once you do the 1st few things you will be surprised how quickly you will catch on!

Again, thank you Allmakes and David!!!