To Our Winner's Hall Of Fame!

This Is Where the Winners From The Dog Board's Game's Are Listed & Honored!

On the main Dog Board we have begun a tradition of playing interactive games. As each one reaches completion and is won, the winner will be honored here with their name in our, Winner's Hall Of Fame!"

Game 1b began on September 1st, 1999. The "Theme" were our dogs names!

Naylz; Our very first winner, and therefore 1st honoree, in our Winner's Hall of Fame! We congratulate her! :)

Game 2 began in November, 1999. The theme were holiday words!

Mugsy is our 2nd winner and she won on Christmas Eve, 1999; it was very exciting! Congratulations Mugsy! :)

Game 3 began in on New Years Eve during our board celebration of the coming of the new year/decade/century and millenium, (And to see what *really* was going to happen with our computers! lol!), 1999. The theme was words that had an impact on us during the 20th century!

Ckennard is our 3rd winner, and it was neck in neck when she won the first game of the 21st century! Congratulations to Ckennard! :)

Game 4 began on leap year day (Feburary 29th), 2000! The first leap year of the New deacde/century/millenium! The theme was: Dog breeds!

Rottiemama is our 4th winner, and once again it was heart stoppingly close game! But Rottiemama prevailed, and won when the word, Rottweiler, of all breeds, was drawn! Congratulations Rottiemama! :)

Game 5 began in the Spring of the year 2000! And it wound up a tie! What a day of celebration!The theme was: Animals!

Luvnmothern is one of our TWO winners for this game! The word that she tied with was, Dragonfly!

And ....

....MomofMOP2 was the other winner in the tie on the word Dragonfly! It was a memorable winning day! Congratulations to both MomoMOP2 and Luvnmothern! :)

Game 6 began in the Summer of the year 2000! And it wound up a tie just as the last had! The theme was: Food! :)

CooperPenny is one of our 2 winners for this game! A little something she did while waiting for the birth of their 1st baby! :)

And ....

....Marie was the other winner! She thought that she was going to win, and she did! Congratulations to both Marie and CooperPenny! :)

Game 7 began at the beginning of the holidays in 2000! And it "Also" was a tie!! Just as the last had been! The words were: Holiday songs and characters! :)

Marie is one of our 2 winners for a 2nd a row! Congratulations Marie!

And ....

....Mop was the other winner! What a great game! Congratulations to you also Mop! :)

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