Boots was the son of my best buck, Cochise.

We raised him from a paper thin baby the night he was born, and he was a terrific goat!

Cochise was a Galaxy line Nubian, and his mother, Flame, was an American Alpine dairy goat! (Our first!)

Food Motivated!


When the hay was tossed off the truck, they don't wait for it to be moved!


Every color in the rainbow! Ready to be milked.


Ten Percent looking back to see where her daughter, Maple Sugar, (far right) is!

5 of these goats came from an older couple who had been breeding goats for decades. They were breeding "bush" goats, goats who are long legged so that their udders don't get caught on brush, and who yielded a good amount of milk. Also, while I never used a goat for meat, the wethers have more meat than the average. They are really a large, Alpine-based breed!

Pygmy Kid Having Lunch!

Pygmy Kids Are Pretty Small!


Note La Mancha Features!


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