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Sitting In A Bucket Of Cat Food!

Mitsy Caught!

Mitsy was our first long-term Chihuahua. She had been found in the middle of
the highway, and then picked up by a woman whose husband hated small dogs.

He tied her on a short leash to their baby's crib, let her give birth there,
kicked her, banged a spoon against a pot in her face while she tried
to get away at the end of her leash, and fed her something that gave
her an intestinal blockage. Then, the wife decided that she wasn't toy-like
enough; too much like a "real dog", and we were called in by a friend.

We decided to take her, and then, after her health was restored, place her in a
good home. But, she wormed her way into our hearts! She loved to play
running-in-circle-games, tug-'o-war, chase-the-cat, and she slept under our covers.

Mitsy was our girl until she passed away, in October of 1998.


Admiring A Heater!



Mitsy Sitting And Sleeping On Her 95 lb.
Buddy, Beyorne....She Was Only 6 lbs!

Mitsy on Beyorne

      Mitsy and Beyorne asleep


Mitsy Sleeping Up On Dad!

Mitsy sleeping with Dad

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