Welcome To PlumFairy's Place!

Failte romhaibh go leir go dti mo leathanach

Welcome! These pages are a work in progress. I have many more
that are being worked on, as well as those still only in my mind.
I hope to be adding them on a fairly regular basis.

To come, are more photos of my pets, pages that I hope
will contain what you will consider helpful information,
and a few whimsical & fun pages as well.

I originally considered a theme for this project, some thread
of color and texture, but to represent me, and satisfy my hunger
for all of the wonderful offerings in web graphics out there,
you will find that my pages are an eclectic grouping,
ranging from classic to whimsical. It is a mirror
of who I am, and my tastes. I hope that you will enjoy
wondering what is waiting for you after each click of a 'next' button.

Enjoy your stay, and please come back to see my new additions periodically!

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