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This is where we come to spend time with our pet loving friends; answer your questions; share experiences, photos, stories, and recipes; or just say, Hi! :) They are wonderful resources, and a wealth of information as well! Won't you please drop by?

The Leader of the pet Ring, is, Plumfairy If you have a pet question, no matter what it may be, she is the one to ask! This woman knows more about dogs and other animals than most people forget in a lifetime, not to mention all the other information she has to offer at:
PlumFairy's Pet Parlour!

Have you got a bird specific question? Do go to, Robirda! If she doesn't have the answer ~ there probably isn't one! You can buy her books & ebooks, see beautiful photos, read articles on canary care from feeding to housing, and even buy a CD of canary song from her bird room for your pleasure, and your bird's, at her site! Be sure to visit Robirda at her little nest on the web:
A Place For Canaries!

Would you like to eat more healthfully? Do you need to follow a special eating pattern which might include low carbs, weight loss, lower cholesterol, being gluten-free, and more? Or, maybe you are just interested in good recipes, or sharing the joy of food? Well, if so, you will want to visit the lovely ladies at I Can Do It! A friendlier group of motivating women you will not find elsewhere! :)

And finally, but not least, if you would like to put your feet up and relax with all of the wonderful people from, The Pet Parlour, talking about things other than our pets, (kind of hard to imagine, isn't it? lol!) :) just grab a cup of tea, or other favorite beverage, and snack, and come relax at Tea Time! We share our daily lives: photos and news about our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other family members and friends; our gardening efforts; and more! Plus, have semi-regular features posted by the host's, such as quotes, tips, trivia, and more! Your host's for Tea Time are 2 special ladies: Miracle2B (Gwen), and PlumFairy! They will do their best to make your stay a pleasant one! :)

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