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Come On In And Cool Off!


    In the mid 1980's I was recovering from a hospital stay, and was bored. Then, I came across a Victorian calligraphy pen with several nibs.

    So, I got a bottle of ink, grabbed a handful of old papers that had print on one side, and began amusing myself by copying the style of line drawings from the last century; the age of the pen itself!

    I taught myself to dip the pen repeatedly (It was not the type of pen that you filled) and get the even lines that I needed, where I wanted them!

    As you can see, I hadn't really gotten it down yet in this drawing; but after moving up the state, this early effort was one of the few drawings to have survived.

    Unfortunately, in order to help with the loading of this drawing, I had to crop most of the ocean and iceberg, not to mention reducing the pixels, but you can see the basic idea all the same.

    Anyway, for those of you sweltering in the heat currently, I hope that this helps you to cool off, if just a little! :)

my line drawing

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