Karla Kuskin

I'm shouting,
I'm singing,
I'm swinging through trees;
I'm winging sky-high,
With the buzzing black bees!

I'm the sun,
I'm the moon,
I'm the dew on the rose;
I'm a rabbit,
Whose habit,
Is twitching his nose!

I'm lively,
I'm lovely,
I'm kicking my heels;
I'm crying "Come dance",
To the freshwater eels!

I'm racing through meadows,
Without any coat,
I'm a gamboling lamb,
I'm a light leaping goat!

I'm a bud,
I'm a bloom,
I'm a dove on the wing;
I'm running on rooftops,
And welcoming spring!

Daffy Down Dilly,
Has come to town;
In a yellow petticoat,
And a green gown!

Happy Spring!
Rain, Rain!
Nice Days
This and That
More Rain!
To Come


Joyce Kilmer

The air is like a butterfly,
With frail blue wings;
The happy earth looks at the sky,
And sings!

I hope that you enjoy the poems and rhymes that I've put together to celebrate spring!

Happy May Day!

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