April Showers,

Bring May Flowers!

Swim, swim polliwog,
Round and round and round;
Soon you'll be a speckled frog,
Jumping on the ground!


It's Spring
Winnifred J. Mott

Good-bye, snow! Good-bye, ice!
Though of course you're very nice,
I am glad you've gone away,
Leaving us this fine spring day.

Here's my good old bat and ball!
Marbles, too! How are you all?
I am sure that I can play
With you now, 'most any day.

Good-bye, winter! Though it's true,
I've had lots of fun with you,
Now I just could shout and sing;
I'm so glad because it's spring!



Close your eyes,
And do not peek;
And I'll rub "spring"
Across your cheek!

Soft as velvet,
Smooth and sleek;
Close your eyes,
And do not peek!



A small green frog,
On a big brown log;
A black and yellow bee,
In a little green tree;
A red and yellow snake,
By a blue-green lake;
All sat and listened,
To red bird sing;
"Wake up, everybody,
It's spring! It's spring!"


S is for SUNSHINE to brighten the spring, Warming the water, the earth, everything!

P is for POSIES with colors so bright ~ Reds, yellows, purples, Oh! what a sight!

R is for RAINDROPS that splash all about, Wetting the earth so that new life can sprout.

I is for INSECTS that flit throught the air, And the grasshoppers, beetles, and ants everywhere.

N is for NOISES I hear when I wake, The chirping of birds and the laughs children make.

G is for GROWTH that I see around me. The plants and the animals, SPRING is so lovely!


Modest little Violet,
Was her loving Mother's pet;
Didn't care to go and play,
Rather stay at home all day


by Emily Dickinson

Dear March, come in!
How glad I am!
I looked for you before.
Put down your hat-
You must have walked-
How out of breath you are!
Dear March, how are you?
And the rest?
Did you leave Nature well?
Oh, March, come right upstairs with me,
I have so much to tell!

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