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Goodnight To All

But first, I want to thank the people who have helped me with this rather sudden, last moment project!

coffee Karen ~ Bless her heart, she did the most boring tasks; when I got too tired! Thank you, Karen!

dependable Michael ~ How could I have put 150 pictures on zip without his patient
scanning? Go raibh maith agat a Mhichil!

diamond Robert ~ 2 words; My Gem!

star Robirda ~ Where would I be without Robirda? She has always made herself available to me! :) And,
I was very happy that we were able to work together as co-Community Leaders of the Bird's and Exotic Pet's
board! Thank you for always being there and helping, Robirda!!!!

pooh bear Tika ~ And last, but never least, Tika, who must have looked at my pages a hundred times
to satisfy my little perfectionist quirks! lol! And, I am also very happy to say that, though for a short time, we
also worked together; as co-Community Leader's of the General Pet Issues board! Thank you so much, Tika!

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