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Brutus was another of our Staffordshire rescues. He had a large scar completely down one side of his face, and was due to be euthanized. An American Staffordshire Terrier, he was not allowed to be adopted out at that time, but we were working with the Los Angeles pounds in conjunction with the Police Department's Anti-fighting Task Force, and took him home for some work on health and behavior. He was not as ferocious as he looked.

In fact, he was with us through my 2nd pregnancy, and was the perfect companion. He even walked down to Pizza Co's (co, as in co-owner, not as in company.), which was a small, take-out place, when I had a craving for a meatball sandwich!

He stayed with us for about a year before being placed into an excellent
home, where he lived out his life in comfort and peace!


Coat Really Improved From The Time
That We Got Him!


Note The "Map Of Italy" On His Side?


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