All color began in nature. From the varied skies above us and the warmly hued earth beneath us, to winking waters, succulent plants, and the amazing animals who share our world, we gather our inspiration. I hope that these pages will help you to make your inspirations come to life, and make our cyber-world more visually pleasing to those who visit!

Enjoy These Color Charts!

1 ~ My Favorite Color Chart, (Called "Chart" on the link above.) is a fantastic way to find background page colors as you get to see them on a whole page. I also use them for text choices!

2 ~ The "Rainbow" page (Called 'Hex' on the link above.) allows you to run your mouse over the chart, and see the whole background change to the color you are pointing at. Beneath it, a hex box will give you the code for the color, to use on your webpage. Also, there's a drop down box giving you the code for a list of colors. Overall, a tool as fun to use, as it is useful, I think! :)

To access the pages, use the beautiful mouseovers above, and below. Those would be the little signs in the pictures. Simply run your cursor over them to find graphic pages, and "back" button, to go back to the Curiosity Shoppe. Currently, the signs at the top look blank when you first open this page/reload/or click on one of them, but a run over by your cursor will show the text. All signs which say something other than "Soon" (As in, Coming Soon) are completely clickable, and will take you to the corresponding page. Enjoy!

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