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The Power Of Positive Thinking!

The Dog Board's Prayer Ring

a party of friends

This page is a place to find all of our doggy friends from the Dog Board who need our support in whatever way we feel comfortable. Special thoughts, positive energy, or prayers.

Together, like in the picture above, which I chose for its quiet moment before personal enjoyment, we can stop and remember those who are having difficult times. And together our impact is stronger than each alone.


So, if your dog, or a dog you are close to, needs our faith, prayer, or well wishes; please submit your member name, the dogs name, and the basic problem to me through an e-mail link at the bottom of the page.

If he/she is going to have a procedure, or is awaiting test results, please include the date of said procedure/test result.

Unless a name is lucky enough to be removed early, the names will be left until the problem is resolved.

This prayer ring is non-denominational; all well-wishes are greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you so much for caring!

~ These Dogs Are In Our Thoughts ~
Cheermom's ~ Trace; we hope for many happy times for him with his family!
Pup2mom's ~ Sheba; She has serious joint problems, and needs a happy, long, pain-free life!
Not-Yet-Named Pup, that was taken to a shelter, needs his leg to heal, and to be released to a good home.

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To send me information about a dog that needs our well wishes, please click on the Butterfly.

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I am dedicating this page to, Sir Syd the Wonder Schnauzer!

His mom, Laura, inspired me to build it, and Syd inspired her! Thank you!

Syd's 16th Birthday, 10-18-03