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To Our Slumber Party!

Where we are warm and comfy, settled with our snacks, and strewn about for a long chat! Come on in and get acquainted; we're always happy to make room for one more!


This is for everyone who insisted that I be on my own page! ;)
I am married to my best friend! :) We have had 3 children, and two grandsons together.
Our home is in Northern California, in the woods.
We have 5 dogs currently; all rescues. Three dogs, and two "on-site" granddogs!:
Gil is a wonderful dog who everyone loves on sight;
Domino ~ we have labled his breed as: Happy!;
Boomer, one of our granddogs, is 7 lbs. of joyful companionship;
Jet, our other granddog, was an unexpected addition that we've been thankful for since;
Tango (Redwood Forest's Sunrise Tango Dancer) ~ is our latest addition; he's extremely intelligent.
Cats: All rescues, or kittens of rescues:
Pure White (blue eyed, yellow eyed, green eyed, and bi-eyed): Boaris; Pinky; Snowball; Daisy; and Frosty.
Pure Gray: Sluggo the Bear.
Black & White ~ Nefertiti Noelle.
Gray and White: Bubbles
Siamese: Ananda ~ A dilute flame point stray who showed up in our yard on a rainy day before my birthday.
Orange Tabbies: Ananda's daughter, Mauli.
Other: Ananda's other 2 children, spotted dd, Okalani; and son who looks just like her, Keanu, plus,
our latest addition, a feral kitty we are taming that we named, Big Mamou. He's a large white boy
with spots, & spots in the spots.
Kitty Campers: In 2011 we rescued a group of cats who had been abandoned at a home in the country. When
they were about to demolish the buildings we trapped the skittish one's that we'd been feeding,
and put them in a special run we bought for them. We added a floor to ceiling cat tree-play center, houses, toys,
dishes, litter, and let them settle in until they could be homed. There were a baker's dozen, not
counting 2 litters of new kittens that barely missed the wrecking ball from the ceiling hole they were in.
All of the kittens, and 6 adults, have found homes. Now we just have 6 waiting for forever homes, & 1 who
probably can't be placed. They are very nice looking 'art' cats who are quite tame, and affectionate. :)
Other family members:
Goats: Nubian-Alpine cross, Penelope; and Nigerian Dwarves: Buckley, & O'Neill!
Hens: Buff Orppingtons; Buff Rocks; Black Australorps; Golden Laced Wyandotte; 1 very senior Ameraucanas;
a Light Brahma; Red Stars; a Partridge Rock, with Sweetheart the Partridge Rock rooster; a Speckled Sussex,
and Ferdinand, the Blue Andalusian rooster!
Birds, house:
Harpo C. FineFeather, a light red canary that I believe has the same bloodline that my boy TwitterBug did.
He's the color of a light Cheeto, with yellow and clear mixed in. He is unashamedly joyful, with a varied
song which he loves to sing. He's intelligent, and good company. :)
Some things that I've done with animals are: work at the zoo; dog training for many years; rescue work with
the pounds, and anti-fighting task force; raised an African lion at home; bred Lori's etc.
We rescued reptiles, and birds, for many years: tortoises to snapping turtles, finches to macaws, &
have been involved with owl rescues, and rehab.
For physical activity I have spent time trick riding (horses), doing martial arts and gymnastics, swimming,
walking long distances, and doing yoga.
I love to read, fish, listen to music, sing, cook, bird watch, take photos, craft, garden, & stay at a lake house.
We have a certified organic farm/ranch that grows food, heirloom seeds, and flower bulbs,
and I spend time making jewelry, working on websites, & collecting stamps, produce stickers, miniatures, tokens, etc.
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(Trish) I currently live Va.
I have a cat: Kayli.
As for me, I likes just about everything and everyone!!!


(Brenda) I live in a small town in Southcentral, Pennsylvania where I work as a training manager.
My dh is Greg. (have had him for 25 years, guess I'll keep him)
We have 2 dogs: Dusty, a Yorkie mix. A mixed terrier pound pup! (Angelpup, help, I need the update!)
Our son, Casey, is 17 years old. (adopted this beautiful human being nearly 11 years ago)


(Becki aka L and B's redheaded "mommy" too) My dh and I live in Cypress CA,
and have been married for 7 wonderful years as of August 15th!
I am a daycare teacher of 1 year olds and dh is an auto body technician.
We are proudly owned by Bandit, an energetic, affectionate Black Lab/Great Pyrenees
mix (she has the markings of a border collie, mask and all!)
Someday, we'll have some children to join our family and add joy to our lives! But for now,
the dogs are the "babies"!!!!
I just LOVE it here! This is my favorite place to come to everyday and spend time with my friends!!!!


(Jennifer) I am married to my best friend, J.P.
We have moved from a small city nearby to the country.
We live on 7 acres in the woods and love it here!!
2 dogs share our lives:
Both are boxers! One is ~ Boomer (a fawn male),
The other is Buster (a brindle male)
Also, We have an aqaurium of fish.
I want to eventually learn about and get a few goats, as I have always dreamed of having them.
Besides dogs, I think they are just about the sweetest animal to make a pet.
Our human children are an adorable 4 year old son, who is named after his daddy, but is nicknamed Jay; and
our latest addition, a sweet little girl, 4 month old Amber Rose!
I am a nurse, but am currently a stay at home mom and love being here with him!
I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful group of people to call freinds! And, you all are the greatest!


(Carol) My dh Bob is a civil engineer for the state of Kansas; we live in the N.E. part of that state.
We have one wonderful dog, a Yorkshire Terrier named, Tiger Lilly.
Also a Cockatiel named Stormy; and our "garden" pet; Heidi Squirrel who lives in the maple tree. :)
We have a son and a daughter.
Son Bobby lives nearer us now, has a wife named Pat, a son named Paul, and they have 3 dogs and 3 cats.
Daughter Jennifer is a Special Education Teacher. She is married to Jeff and they share their home
with a daughter, beautiful little Katy who was born on Aug. 25th, 2000; and 2 cats!


(Lori) My dh is Ed and we live in Indiana.
We have 2 dogs. A rescue Golden Retriever named, Trace ~
and a Tri-Color Papillon named, Kobe!
Also 3 cats: Malimar who is all black;
Pacer who is also all black; and
Oreo, who is pure white and deaf.
Our 2 daughter's are: Lindsay, and Sydni.


(Cindy) My dh Steve and I live in Central Maine.
And we have 2 terrific Cocker Spaniels! Chelsea, and Mackenzie.


(Carol) I live in Northern Indiana.
Our human children are ~ daughters: Caitlyn and Cristen, and a son; Caleb.
We co-habitate with 2 dogs. A Boxer (Rocky)), and Brittany Spaniel (Ginger),
2 beautiful long haired cats ~ Spooky and Kikki,
4 birds: An African Grey, Bogey; A Conure, Jordan; And 2 Budgies, Snow Bell and Rain Cloud,
And 2 rabbits, Sugar and Fido!
My interests are: animals (of course), drawing, reading, nature, and having a good time with my kids!
I am a guild member of our local Humane Society.


My dh Allan and I (Jen) live in Midcoast Maine where he is a mechanical engineer for
the Navy, and I am a telecommuting occupational health software developer.
We live on 35 acres of woods, and have deer and moose roaming through.
We have a wonderful daughter, Abigayle (Abbie) born on Feb. 23, 2001,
and an equally wonderful son, Erik, born on Dec. 4, 2003!
Our 4 legged children are Oreo, & Patrick.
Oreo is our "double stuff Oreo cookie" cat and was being fostered at the local feed store through the humane
society and had been at the store for 7 months. The kids loved visiting him at the store. On March 2, 2007
after visiting him again at the store we decided he must come home with us. On March 3, 2007 we brought him home.
We have set his birthday as 3/3/2005 since the humane society thought he was at least a year old on intake in June, 2006.
Patrick is a black cat who was born on June 8th, 2012. He came to live with us at 3 months
old from the Humane Society.


(Frances) I work for the City of Austin, in Texas, where I live.
I was born November 14 (a Scorpio)
We live in an apartment surrounded by large trees and lots of growth.
We have racoons and squirels and 'possums outside on our balcony at night!


I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was a special
education teacher for grades K-5 (Resource) for many years, in South Carolina. I am now retired early, due to
FM/CFS and a multitude of other "fun" things.
Dogs ~ I share my home with 2 beautiful creatures, which are shelties.
A tri-blue named Josiah who was born in March of 2003, and
A tri-black named Misty, who's given birthdate is on November 23rd, 2005.
I am also owned by 2 gorgeous cats. They are:
Baden, an orange and white male (September 27, 2000) who found me via the wheel well of my van when
I was at a Girl Scout meeting, (therefore his name); and
Fionna, a tabby-spotted and white girl with the given birthday of November 2nd, 2003.
I enjoy doll collecting, reading, cross-stitching, sewing, scrapbooking, and word puzzles. I can also
be found at all hours of the day and night, here on my computer.
In addition, I volunteer w/ Girl Scouts in several capacities.


My dh (Jason) and I (Stacey) have been married since May of 1999, and live in Western Kentucky
I work in a small office as an administrative assistant to several bosses and as a financial assistant.
We have several dogs:
Chicory is the youngest dog I've ever adopted. She was a mere 19 months when I got her and was born
in October of 2007. She's a black and silver Afghan hound, still full of puppy antics, and very affectionate;
Sammy, a red fawn greyhound, is not a retired racer but you'd never know it when you see him run. His
exact birthday is a mystery, but he was born around the middle of 1999. He's been with me since March 2005;
Sprocket, a JRT, was born in March of 2001. He is very close to Jason; their relationship is a special one, and;
Dixie, a JRT, was born on September 5th, 2002. She had surgery 10-30-09 to remove her right front leg due to cancer.
She hasn't slowed down a bit! She does what she wants to do and goes where she wants to go.
Since adopting my greyhounds, Iíve become active in a new adoption group which serves my immediate tri-state area
(KY, IL, IN). It'ís a chapter of the nation-wide group, Greyhound Pets of America. You can check it out by clicking Here.
My cats are:
Sydney and Olivia, born March 2003. They were adopted together as they had already been together many
years in a hoarding situation before being rescued by the Humane Society.
I also have a 35-gallon aquarium of freshwater tropical fish, and;
Shimmer, pale yellow parakeet. I got Shimmer and her companion, who has since passed away,
from a family who were moving and could not take them.


(Karen, Kari...depends on who's talking to me) :-)
My darling, adorable husband and I live in sunny Southern California near the beaches.
It just keeps getting better, the longer we're married! I met him when I was 14 years old, and married when I was
18 and he was 20.
I play the flute and sing alto in our church choir; music is a very important part of my life, for as long as I can
recall. I love a wide variety of music, from classical (Mozart and Bach are my favorites) to Country, to Rock, and
of course, Christian music. Music is a huge part of my expression of who I am.
I also love to read and watch movies.
Human children ~ We have three wonderful sons, Rob (born in 1979), Andrew(1981), and Phillip(1987). We gained
our first darling daughter-in-love when Rob married Marikka on July 21st, 2001. We are very excited about this
addition to our family, and crazy about her, she has been a part of our lives since they were in high school &
is everything we could ever have wished for and prayed for in a wife for our son.
She teaches 3rd grade and I love to work in her classroom one day a week.
Rob does web design, Andrew is an electrician, and Phillip is our caboose who loves sports,
is an excellent student, and enjoys a very active social life! We feel very blessed indeed!!


(Kim) My dh Bud and I have made our home in Minnesota.
Our human children are son Tanner; and daughter Madison!
Our dogs are Duke, and Coco.


(Karen) I am a "stay at home mom and wife" living in norhern WI. We moved here from
MN in November of 2002.
My dh, Dan is a wetland specialist. We were married in the fall of 1986 (one of our favorite
times of the year) and we have three beautiful girls.
They are:
Emily, born in 1992,
Shelby, born in 1996, and
Gabrielle, born in 2000. She actually shares my dad's birthday...made all the more special because
I was pregnant with her when my dad had to have a major heart by-pass surgery.
Sally is the newest 4-legged member of our household. She becomes dearer to us each day.
She was born April 14, 2009. Her coat is orange freckled on white. She is grace and beauty.
We also have 4 fancy goldfish. I think we may have to find a new home for the white koi as it is quickly outgrowing
the fish tank. It's a shame, too, 'cause it's one of my favorites. It really interacts with us and is quite
the begger for food!


My husband, Ben, and I live just south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
I'm a Director of Religious Education at a Catholic Church and he is currently a trucker, but is still
looking for his career! I'm also a part time dog training instructor.
We have two dogs:
Sammie, our first, is a Border Collie/mystery mix that we got from the Hillside SPCA when he was
one year old;
Our second dog is our girl, Tessa.
I enjoy training and fun activities with both of them.


I live in Ontario in Canada. Single, with no (human) kids.
I got my first dog in 1993 but she died in an accident at the age of 3.
Then Taxi (as in yellow cab), now gone as well.
My current dog is:
Black lab Sarah.
Together we are working on being couch potatoes.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my 3 Miniature Schnauzers and an ever-changing assortment
of foster Schnauzers, waiting to find homes through a Schnauzer Rescue group.
My "kids", who are all rescues, are:
Rockefeller, black male, my agility dog and mischievous imp; and,
Raoudi, salt-and-pepper male, who is doing great in agility, and who I'm considering putting into
Pet Therapy classes.
My first Schnauzer, the late, great Syd, ran into my downtown office at age 8. Because of him I got
interested in rescue. We had 9 wonderful years together before he went to Rainbow Bridge just weeks
shy of his 17th birthday.
The kids and my fixer-upper house keep me busy, but I love to read, write funny stories about the dogs,
and do things outdoors when I have time.
If you are curious, want to adopt, or make a donation, I'm with Schnauzer Love Rescue:
Schnauzer Love Rescue


(Lena) I live in Washington State.
We have a cat, Oliver, he is big, grey and white and he adopted me when
I moved into our house. He is such a love, full of kisses.
We also have a fishtank and a beta named George.
Grace Kathryn was born on Dec. 30th, 1999. She's the love of my life!


Me, and my DH Ray, were married on Oct. 3rd, 1959 and live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
We are blessed to be retired and "Enjoy Every Day".
We have our Daughter Susan who is married to DSIL Clive, and they have blessed us with two dear grandcildren:
Cameron, born on September 19, 1994
And Lauren, born on December 20, 1996.
They are the lights of our life!
We are yet again proud of our son Scott who is a geologist with his own business in environmental work,
and is also a musician who sings and plays many instruments and actually has CD's on the market!
We are all one big happy, fully bonded, happy grateful family


(Judy) I live in Bakersfield, California with my dh, Tony where I am a teacher of
little people (elementary school).
Our dogs are:
Thumper, a golden Cocker Spaniel that we adopted as a puppy in 2005, and
Fonzi, also a Cocker Spaniel, was born on February 3, 2006. His full name is Fonzirelli's Cool Cocoa.
We have a one-eyed cat, Shadow, who was born around Valentine's day, 2004.
Our sons are ~ Kenny, and Curtis. And our daughter ~ Kara.
Curtis was married Aug. 5th, 2000 to Becky, giving us grandchildren, Branton, Carter, Tobin, and Kohle!
Our daughter Kara has a nursing degree. She has 3 children; our darling grandchildren:
Emily, who was born February 12, 1999;
Erin, who was born March 26, 2000; and
Joshua, who was born July 21, 2004!
Their adorable dog is Holly.


I have two wonderful daughters:
Emily, born February 12th, 1999, and
Erin, born March 26th, 2000!
And an equally wonderful son, Josh, born July 21st, 2004!
I love to paint ceramics, have taken up cross-stitch, and recently got my nursing degree!


I have a Rottweiler named Emma. She was born May 26, 2010. She is a big girl.
Last weight was 123 pounds, of pure muscle, and she measures 31 inches
from the floor to the top of her back.
My cats are:
Merlyn; Tiger, & TomPetty.
We have 2 sons: James, and Andy.
Jim and his wife, Danielle, have 3 children:
Luke, born 7-9-96; Max, born 5-14-99; and Megan, born 10-3-01.
Andy married Sarah on April 30, 2006.
And 3 daughters: Vicki, Amy, and Kendra.
Vickie and her husband, Eddie, who live in, Tenessee, have 3 children:
Twins Dalton and Dylan, born on 6-28-95; and Makayla, born 4-18-01.
Amy is engaged to a wonderful young man named Stephen.
Kendra has 2 children:
John, born 1-1-02; and Elizabeth, born 12-6-05.


My dh, Roger and I live in Southern California
He is a Design Engineer/Project Manager and I am an RN.
We have adorable English Springer Spaniels named Sammi & Sarah.


Sherry Lyn Bell, manage bakery in our grocery store.
My dh is Doug, owner of said grocery store and my boss, except
he's management and I'm union.
We live in Port Moody (Vancouver) British Columbia where my hobbies are:
curling, golfing, and spending money, lol.
We have a daughter, Carrie-lyn.
Also a son, Chris; his wife, Ronnie; and a grandson, Iain.
Extra son Dennis, came for dinner and stayed for 8 years so now he's mine.
One of our store managers. lol!


I live in Texas.
My pack of dogs are:
Weenie, and
"Zeke"; MisZeke.
My human children are a son in Tennessee, who has 3 girls;
A daughter in California, and step daughter in Ohio!


(Heather) My dh Tony and I live in Utah where he is a Computer Networker for US
West Communications.
I am Computer Support for ARUP Laboratories.
We have one child, a 90 pound Chocolate Lab named Pied Piper Browning.
Piper is Tonys hunting dog and he has her hand signal and whistle trained. She is my lap dog
(even though she doesn't fit!) and follows me everywhere through the house - she's a snuggle pooch!
Tony loves to be working on things and always HAS to go to Sears to buy much needed tools - hah!
I am more into crafty things that are cheaper like making shelves and decore items.
All three of us enjoy outdoor activities like camping and hiking, and hunting!

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